Looking for state-of-the-art, more efficient and ultimately more profitable frozen dessert equipment? Learn more about benefits of Stoelting today!

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Yogurt Shops

In today's competitive soft-serve and frozen yogurt market, the right technology and equipment can save a lot of time. Ultimately, increasing profits.
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Mass Feeding

When it comes to Entertainment and Hospitality, your frozen beverage equipment must be able keep up with demand.  Let us help you determine the right Stoelting batch equipment for your needs.
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Whether serving soft serve, shakes, custards or frozen beverages, you need the right equipment.
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School Systems

What if you could increase profit by using commodities, all while providing students a healthy drink option?  We can help make it happen.
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Machines as strong as their reputation

Why does Florida Distributing Source exclusively provide Stoelting equipment?  Easy. The quality and durability of the equipment is unparalleled, not to mention backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

Ease of Use

Stoelting frozen equipment is engineered for ease of use and quiet operation while ensuring consistent product quality.

Intelligent Choice

Stoelting's user-friendly, programmable control monitors and stores extensive machine data and statistics. The Wi-Fi capability elevates the control to another level.

Rugged & Reliable

Stoelging's batch freezers feature a large diameter vertical cylinder resulting in very small ice crystal formation and an ultra smooth product.

Our Clients

These tried and true brands rely on Stoelting equipment and FDS service in order to achieve maximum results.

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